Industrial Laundry Machine


hali-yikama-makinasi-ikonMATERIAL SELECTION : Our engineers, in accordance with the purpose of washing machines; They examine and design every detail such as the material properties, thickness and required weight to be used. In our washing machines, improved front-back plate, drum construction, new belt-pulley system and roller bearing are used. Inner-outer drum and outer coverings are completely stainless steel.


hali-yikama-makinasi-ikonPLC CONTROL: It is a computer controlled washing machine. You can control the system via the touch screen and see the errors simultaneously on the machine screen and intervene immediately.


hali-yikama-makinasi-ikonQUALITY: By applying a quality management system in each production phase, machines are designed and manufactured in CE Standards. By making the necessary certification and tests, the machines are made ready for use without any compromise in quality.

Technical Specs

manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Heating Power 18 kW
manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Drum Volume 400 lt.
manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Engine Power 5,5 kW
manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Voltage 380 V
manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Movement System PLC Control
manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Spin Speed 600 Max.
manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Daily Capacity 40 kg.
manuel-hali-yikama-makinasi-ikon Usage Automatic